Hello Gardeners

What a summer! Because of all your efforts, the Willowtown Garden has been a great success this season. I can honestly say I have never seen the garden greener or more productive.

Everyone must of noticed Farzam & Naciem's tomatoes and cucumbers. It proves dedication pays off.(Naciem built her own trellis) Passesr-by on the street were noticing their tomatoes, they were so big. Jon who is new to the garden this year is in the garden almost as much as me! HIs garden is full and lush. He is trying a solution to fight tomato blight and keep the plants healthy.(Solution includes Epsom salts) Right next to Jon's spot is Adam's and his family. His garden welcomes you with a wave from Queen Elizabeth and at dusk a light show. Squash was another successful crop for many this year. Jimmy and Ricki's plot had a huge summer squash plant that I swear had nine squash on it at one time. I called it the banana tree. Ricki whipped up many batches of zucchini bread. (It was delicious) You can not help but notice Naomi's flowers in the center plot. Naomi selects plants that attract birds and butterflies. Take some time to relax on the park bench and become a bird and butterfly watcher. Amanda's garden is a profile in homeopathic plants. Ask her about the many uses for stinging nettles. Ann Marie is also developing a garden of natural remedies. She grew her plants from seed.

Fall brings the rewards for all your garden efforts. The bounty is so plentiful, gardeners' had to bring bags to put all the goodies in. I am already looking forward to next season. I feel blessed to share the garden with all of you. I look forward to your ideas and thoughts for next season.

Dan Pierce