Pruning for Willowtown Street Trees Expected this Month

Our street trees are living, breathing parts of our community. They bring us shade in the warm months, shield us from the cold in the winter, and provide fresh air for us to breath all year long. Some of you have called our attention to the fact that many of our Willowtown street trees, especially the London Planes variety, are in desperate need of attention. To better protect our neigborhood we have contacted Councilmen Steve Levin’s office and asked that a NYC Parks inspector review the condition of all Willowtown Street trees. We have received confirmation that the Tree Pruning Service will be on site sometime this month, August. Please feel free to speak to the forestry professionals about any particular street tree you would like them to take a look at. Conditions to look for are branches touching buildings, dead or hanging limbs, and any blockage of streetlights, traffic signs, or signals.