Neighborhood Policing Program Expanded to Willowtown

On November 7, 2016 the NYPD and the 84th Precinct officially introduced the NCO program to the Willowtown community.  

Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCO) are assigned to specific precincts to identify and respond to community concerns, and spend dedicated time each day establishing and building relationships with the local community. The plan includes “true sector integrity,” where the same two officers are assigned to the same sector each day, and they are given the training and resources to work closely with the community to address local issues.

The ideal way for us to use this new program is to still call 911 for emergencies but to use the NCO’s as the primary people to follow up with. Add their phone numbers and email addresses to your phones for quick reference, and feel free to call them as needed.

They are also the best contact for quality of life issues.  Their responsibilities include:

  • Meet and work with community members

  • Identify recurring problems and issues

  • Engage the community in their sector

  • Find ways to prevent youths from becoming first time, or repeat offenders

With this program, the NYPD is being proactive instead of reactive. Our NCO’s are here to meet and work with us. Please welcome them when you see them on our streets.

Officers Condon and Hunt work Tuesday through Saturday, from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

John Condon can be reached at (929) 920-1544 or

Donovan Hunt can be reached at (929) 334-6247