Welcome to Willowtown's Friends of the Dog Run

The willowtown dog run is getting a makeover - donate now!

Our dog run has fallen into disrepair. As a beloved park for the neighborhood, it must be restored to a cleaner, safer, more welcoming environment. For the past year, we’ve been actively pursuing grants anda construction contract with the city through their Adopt-a-Park program to rebuild and restore the dog run. This will be NYC Parks' first dog run rehabilitation project!

The project will cost $66,000. We’ve started fundraising through private and capital project donations in time for the contractor to begin work Spring 2020. Please spread the word far and wide and consider making a generous and much-appreciated donation to the new and long overdue Willowtown Dog Run Adopt-a-Park project! Donations of $10,000+ will be recognized with a NYC Parks sign at the park. Donations are tax deductible.

Our Campaign

The Willowtown Association has been receiving emails from dog walkers, neighbors, and visitors of the Dog Run who are eager to join our “Friends of the Dog Run” campaign. To kick things off, the Willowtown Association won a City Parks Foundation Capacity Fund Grant to help create, support, and provide new tools and resources for a team of neighborhood stewards. The "Friends of the Dog Run" will work to organize regular volunteer clean-up days for sustainable maintenance, enhancement, and care for the dog run long term.

Dog Run Improvements

The Dog Run has in recent years fallen into disrepair and continues to be both an eyesore and potential health hazard to visiting canines and their owners. As a beloved neighborhood amenity, there's a growing need to restore it into a cleaner, safer, more welcoming environment. Willowtown is actively working with the city to replace the gravel surface that has deteriorated into an uneven field of mud, fix the faulty water spigot, and refurbish the existing benches that are sinking into the ground and splintering. Please join our efforts!

Get Involved

We are in the early stages of creating a welcoming dog run community and want to hear your ideas and suggestions. Please contact us below if you are interested in:

  • Joining the 20 other Friends of the Dog Run

  • Receiving campaign information or updates

  • Offering suggestions for improvement

  • Volunteering for cleanup efforts

  • Sharing ideas, photos, and stories

Questions? Comments? Contact the Willowtown Dog Run Director by completing the form below:

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