Worthy of Our Highest Respect and Esteem

The following proclamation was made by State Sen. Daniel squadron at Willowtown’s 2010 Spring Fair on Saturday, May 15:

Daniel Squadron praises Willowtown

WHEREAS, a great state is only as great as those organizations that perform exemplary service on behalf of their communities; and

WHEREAS, it is the sense of this legislative body to commend the Willowtown Association as it convenes for its 2010 Spring Fair to be held on Saturday, May 15; and

WHEREAS, the Willowtown Association was formed in 1953 out of a group of committed residents who organized themselves to discuss and address neighborhood concerns; and

WHEREAS, since it began nearly 60 years ago, the Willowtown Association has proven to be a strong advocate and protector for the unique neighborhood for which it is named, having won many important battles; and

WHEREAS, some of the Willowtown Association’s victories include convincing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to reroute the B-63 bus off of Hicks Street; working with former Mayor John Lindsay to convert a vacant lot at Columbia Place and State Street into a basketball court, supporting the design and construction of an inclusive and accessible Brooklyn Bridge Park and fighting alongside the tenants of the Riverside Apartments to preserve the building’s historic courtyard; and

WHEREAS, the Willowtown Association acquired not-for-profit status in 1997, allowing it to expand its projects and services with increased efforts at rehabilitation and beautification of public spaces throughout the community as well as strong and effective advocacy on issues such as affordable housing and historical preservation; and

WHEREAS, it is the sense of this legislative body that when organizations of such noble aims and accomplishments are brought to our attention, it is appropriate to publicly proclaim and commend those organizations for the edification and emulation of others; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that I, State Sen. Daniel Squadron recognize that in the Willowtown Association we have an organization worthy of our highest respect and esteem; and be it further

RESOLVED, that a copy of this proclamation be transmitted to the Willowtown Association on the occasion of its 2010 Spring Fair.