Willowtown Association Elects 2011 Board

Three new directors were elected by acclamation to the 12-member board of the Willowtown Association at its 2010 annual meeting held Wednesday, November 17, at the A.T. White Community Center on Willow Place.  Their terms are for the year 2011. The new directors are Clair Brew of 10 Willow Place, Clint Padgitt of 277 Hicks Street and G. Bradley Smith of 10 Columbia Place. They replace the retiring directors Jean Campbell and William "Bill" Ringler, both also of 10 Columbia Place, and Joseph Merz of 48 Willow Place.

The association’s following officers were all reelected: Ben Bankson of 14 Willow Place, to his second term as president; Linda DeRosa of 47 Joralemon Street, to her second term as vice president; Stephanie Zancolli of 21 State Street, to her second term as secretary; and Andrew "Andy" Reynolds of 37 Joralemon Street, to his third term as treasurer.

Reelected as directors were Franklin Ciaccio of 43 Joralemon Street, Elizabeth "Libby" Cooper of 30 Columbia Place, Mary Goodman of 10 Willow Place, Seth Murphy of 37 Joralemon Street and William "Bill" Newbury of 23 Willow Place.

A native of Chorleywood, England, Clair Brew has lived in New York since 1999 and been a resident of Willowtown since last year. She is an artist who works in lighting from a studio in Red Hook. Her website is, www.clarebreew.com. She and her husband, Chris Scarafile, a cinematographer, became first-time parents last August with the birth of their daughter Darwin Rose.

Clint Padgitt is a native of New Orleans and Ridgewood, N.J., whose descendants were Texas saddle makers. He has lived in Willowtown since 1983. He is an ordained pastor/chaplain in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America serving at Zion-St. Mark’s Lutheran Church on the Upper East Side and at the German Seamen’s Mission and Seafarers & International House also in Manhattan. He plays the bassoon in the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra.

Brad Smith is a native of Kalamazoo, Mich., who has been a resident of the Riverside Apartments in Riverside for exactly 50 years. He has always been active in its tenants association.  He worked as a customer service representative for publishers and has served as a longtime Big Apple greeter giving individualized tours of the city.